Thursday, January 11, 2018

Monitoring Active Directory for Signs of Compromise

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A solid event log monitoring system is a crucial part of any secure Active Directory design. Many computer security compromises could be discovered early in the event if the victims enacted appropriate event log monitoring and alerting. Independent reports have long supported this conclusion. For example, the 2009 Verizon Data Breach Report states:
"The apparent ineffectiveness of event monitoring and log analysis continues to be somewhat of an enigma. The opportunity for detection is there; investigators noted that 66 percent of victims had sufficient evidence available within their logs to discover the breach had they been more diligent in analyzing such resources."
This lack of monitoring active event logs remains a consistent weakness in many companies' security defense plans. The 2012 Verizon Data Breach report found that even though 85 percent of breaches took several weeks to be noticed, 84 percent of victims had evidence of the breach in their event logs.

Windows Audit Policy

The following are links to the Microsoft official enterprise support blog. The content of these blogs provides advice, guidance, and recommendations about auditing that will assist you in enhancing the security of your Active Directory infrastructure and are a valuable resource when designing an audit policy.
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