Thursday, January 11, 2018

Automatically Apply Labels to Sensitive Files in Cloud Apps

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Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Information Protection integration

With the rising number of cybersecurity attacks and key regulations on privacy, controlling and protecting sensitive data – at all times – is top of mind. Azure Information Protection provides persistent data protection by identifying sensitive data, classifying, labeling and protecting at the time of creation or modification based on source, context and content.
With growing number of cloud apps used in your environment, you may have personal data stored and processed in cloud apps. In order to have a holistic information protection strategy, it is important to take into consideration all the different locations the data travels. To that extent, at Ignite 2016, we announced the first level of the integration between Microsoft Cloud App Security and Azure Information Protection where we extended the visibility into sensitive data as it moved to cloud apps. With this integration, Cloud App Security admins gained the control to configure policies to read Azure Information Protection labels and take appropriate actions or raise alerts.
Now, we are taking these capabilities to the next level by providing the capability of scanning cloud apps for sensitive data and automatically applying Azure Information Protection labels through policies – including encryption and rights management capabilities such as block forwarding, printing, copying etc.

How to create a policy for automatically detecting, classifying and protecting data in cloud apps

We will get started by setting a policy for automatic detection, classification and protection of sensitive data in the cloud apps. For this example, we will create a policy that searches for credit card numbers in files stored in Box. When such a file is detected, the policy will automatically apply an Azure Information Protection label.

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