Friday, March 16, 2018

Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 23

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Learn about the latest cyberthreats to make sure your company’s security keeps up with the evolving threat landscape. The Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 23 analyzes key security trends from the past year—and provides actionable recommendations on how you can respond today.
Download the latest Security Intelligence Report to learn about the top cyberthreat trends that recently dominated the security landscape:
  • Botnets. These impact millions of machines globally and infect them with old and new forms of malware. Read about one highly publicized botnet disruption, Gamarue, that Microsoft helped defeat.
  • Attacker methods. Attackers have been using low friction methods to infiltrate organizations. Learn about the approaches they’re using to take advantage of weaknesses in organizations.
  • Ransomware. Three global outbreaks affected corporate networks, bringing down critical services. The impact from these rapid, destructive attacks was unprecedented in 2017.

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