Friday, December 1, 2017

Multi-tenant Patterns for Building SaaS Applications on SQL Database

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SQL Database SaaS app patterns

The same Wingtip Tickets application is implemented in each of the samples. The app is a simple event listing and ticketing SaaS app, where each venue is a tenant with events, ticket prices, customers, and ticket sales. The app, together with the management scripts and tutorials, showcases an end-to-end SaaS scenario. This includes provisioning tenants, monitoring and managing performance, schema management, and cross-tenant reporting and analytics, all at scale.
The three samples differ in the underlying database tenancy model used. The first uses a single-tenant application with an isolated single-tenant database. The second uses a multi-tenant app, with a database per tenant. The third sample uses a multi-tenant app with sharded multi-tenant databases.
Different versions of Wingtip tickets SaaS application

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