Friday, October 11, 2013

The Challenges of Company Mergers and Acquisitions – A Technology Perspective

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Company acquisitions and mergers happen all the time.  Have you ever wondered how much business and technical work takes place before calling the new company a single entity?  
This blog discusses the high-level, common, technical tasks associated with most mergers and acquisitions.  Since every industry and business environment is different, the technology and tasks may vary based on requirements and situations.  Also, these tasks are not listed in any particular order.

  1. IP address/subnet conflicts – This is a really good starting point and a very common and complicated issue in any environment.  Most companies use a Private IP address scheme in their internal network.  If there is a conflict, it needs to be addressed before any type of merger activities can be performed.  This can be time consuming so make sure to allocate enough time for this task.  
  2. Directory and authentication platform – You would be lucky if you came across a single authentication platform or directory service in both organizations.  But if the two companies are using different or multiple directory services like Active Directory, Oracle, SUN, etc., your integration task will be challenging.  You may also need to consider a single sign-on solution to provide a seamless platform for your end users.  If the organizations have different password requirements, you may need to agree on a single password policy before consolidating authentication mechanisms.



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