Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scareware Scammer Hit With $163M Fine

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The Federal Trade Commission this week continued its crackdown on Internet scareware, imposing a judgment of more than $163 million on the final defendant in a long-running case.

Kristy Ross has also been permanently barred from selling computer security software or software that interferes with a consumer's computer, and from any form of deceptive marketing.

Ross was one of several people charged in 2008 with conning more than one million consumers into buying fake software to remove a computer virus. The FTC alleged that the operation bought ads on popular Internet networks and websites, which displayed a bogus "system scan" notices on people's computers. These scans told consumers that their computers were infected with a virus and needed to be removed by purchasing software for $40-$60. But there was no scan and no virus removal.

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