Monday, July 16, 2012

What's New in Exchange 2013 Preview

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Preview brings a new rich set of technologies, features, and services to the Exchange Server product line. Its goal is to support people and organizations as their work habits evolve from a communication focus to a collaboration focus. At the same time, Exchange Server 2013 Preview helps lower the total cost of ownership whether you deploy Exchange 2013 Preview on-premises or provision your mailboxes in the cloud. New features and functionality in Exchange 2013 Preview are designed to do the following:

  • Support a multigenerational workforce Social integration and making it easier to find people is important to users. Smart Search learns from users' communication and collaboration behavior to enhance and prioritize search results in Exchange. Also, with Exchange 2013 Preview, users can merge contacts from multiple sources to provide a single view of a person, by linking contact information pulled from multiple locations.
  • Provide an engaging experience Microsoft Outlook 2013 Preview and Microsoft Office Outlook Web App have a fresh new look. Outlook Web App emphasizes a streamlined user interface that also supports the use of touch, enhancing the mobile device experience with Exchange.
  • Integrate with SharePoint and Lync Exchange 2013 Preview offers greater integration with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Preview and Microsoft Lync 2013 Preview through site mailboxes and In-Place eDiscovery.
  • Help meet evolving compliance needs Compliance and eDiscovery are challenging for many organizations. Exchange 2013 Preview helps you to find and search data not only in Exchange, but across your organization. With improved search and indexing, you can search across Exchange 2013 Preview, Lync 2013 Preview, SharePoint 2013 Preview, and Windows file servers.
  • Provide a resilient solution Exchange 2013 Preview builds upon the Exchange Server 2010 architecture and has been redesigned for simplicity of scale, hardware utilization, and failure isolation.

See the following sections for more information about what’s new in Exchange 2013 Preview:

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At first glance the article looked very well written but once I read linked TechNet article I realized its straight copy of it. Why not just link and leave it to reader, or write something of your own?

Bhargav Shukla,

I have 2 sections in this blog. – Which is linked to the home page of this site. This blog is dedicated for my own blogs are articles. – As the name sounds “News and Views” , this blog is dedicated for news and updates from external sources like TechNet, Microsoft etc.

I always use “Source” and “Read more at source” keywords in these blogs to give appropriate credit to the original owner (or originating source). That way a normal user can understand this is from an external source not directly from me!


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