Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Office 365 Advisor Tool

Office 365 Advisor Tool -

Office 365 is not a one size fits all approach like Google Apps. Businesses are unique and have many different needs which is why we have designed our product to have a variety of plans and options. Obviously then the question becomes: Which plan is right for me and/or my organization?

Microsoft offers a wide range of affordable subscription plans based on the features you want, the size and makeup of your company, and the level of IT support you need. Some plans are designed for professionals and small businesses, while others are intended for midsize companies and enterprises.

The good news is that our recently released Office 365 Advisor Tool can help you quickly determine which plan is right for you. The Advisor Tool is an extremely dynamic and useful tool that leverages organizational size – and draws from Forrester Research Office 365 data and marquee Office 365 customer evidence – to recommend the best Office 365 subscription plan based on the needs of your organization.

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