Thursday, November 10, 2011

Operations Manager 2012 Release Candidate is available

We’re happy to announce that the Release Candidate of Operations Manager 2012 is now available! If you read our post on 10/27 about App Controller, Service Manager and Orchestrator, then you know cloud computing is making things much easier for both the consumer of datacenter services, such as line of business application managers, as well as the datacenter IT provider of those resources. Cloud computing also makes it possible for IT to offer datacenter infrastructure on-demand, the same way you can order a new hard drive online. This is all goodness, making it easier for folks in IT to collaborate and deliver better overall IT services.




Microsoft System Center 2012 cloud and datacenter solutions provide a common management toolset for your private and public cloud applications and services to help you deliver IT as a Service to your business.

System Center Operations Manager 2012 provides the monitoring component of this solution, to help you manage your datacenter and cloud environments by:

  • Delivering flexible and cost effective enterprise-class monitoring and diagnostics while reducing the total cost of ownership by leveraging commodity hardware, configurations, and heterogeneous environments.
  • Helping to ensure the availability of business-critical applications and services through market-leading .NET and JEE application performance monitoring and diagnostics.
  • Providing a comprehensive view of datacenters, and private and public clouds.


Like most companies today, you rely on your IT infrastructure to keep your business running. You need to find out about and fix IT problems before they lead to any downtime or loss of productivity and revenue. Providing this Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can be daunting when you depend on physical, virtual, and cloud resources to run a diverse mix of operating systems (Windows, Linux, and Unix) that support any number of critical business applications.

This complexity can make it difficult to get an integrated, consistent, and reliable view of what’s happening so you can respond proactively. To address these concerns, Operations Manager 2012 provides infrastructure monitoring that’s flexible and cost-effective, helps ensure the predictable performance and availability of vital applications, and offers comprehensive monitoring for your datacenter and cloud, both private and public.


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